First light, Bandon River, Tisasson, Kinsale.

October 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

First light, Bandon River, near Kinsale, Cork, Ireland.First light, Bandon River, near Kinsale, Cork, Ireland.


Photographers often make image ideas and carry them around in their heads. Many of these imagined moments are combinations of visual construction and perfect light and are unlikely to ever come to fruition. Just once in a while though, some of these elements do blend perfectly and this is where the imagined image helps to refine a composition quickly in rapidly changing conditions. When momentary light rises, the preparedness of creative imaginings and technical craft allows a magical moment to live.

It is on chilly, first light morning sojourns that landscape photography has most meaning for me. On one hand, you feel that you are alone on Earth savouring and being present in a perfect moment. On the other hand, it is immensely satisfying to craft something that your fellow beings might equally savour on imagined journeys of their own.

As the sun rose and the mist began to disperse, I took a moment to take some video for online sharing:



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