Tres Amigos - forgotten Anemone fish found with fresh eyes.

October 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There is something to be said for editing photos after some time has passed. The enthusiasm and 'heat of the moment' of editing quickly after shooting can make you overlook images in your haste to find the gems. I recently went through some work shot over five years ago and was amazed to find some of the more hidden gems. I particularly liked these three anemone fish, photographed on a 'shake-down' dive at the beginning of a dive trip to Indonesia. This was really a dive to check self and equipment before immersing in the days to come and there certainly was some fantastic diving throughout the trip around the Komodo and Rinca islands. Looking back at the early dives, there were some wonderful surprises. It's always worth looking back through your catalog with fresh eyes.


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