Moonrise and twilight over Sandycove Island.

May 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Moonrise over Sandycove Island and the Bulman Buoy, Kinsale.Moonrise over Sandycove Island and the Bulman Buoy, Kinsale.A rare, early summer moonrise over a calm sea and clear sky.

Planning to take the camera out at pyjama time can earn some strange looks at home. But an awareness of a great day of weather, a recent full moon and clear sky - with just a hint of cloud - are ingredients for 'gourmet' low light photography.

Some homework on the Photographer's Ephemeris told me that the moon would rise at 2215, just as civil twilight was fading, at a compass bearing of 120 degrees. I knew where I wanted to be for this one: the northern point of Sandycove Island, just outside Kinsale. 

Over the past winter, I passed this way many times just to see the violence of the storms vent their fury on the coastline. Often it was just too grim to attempt photography as the dangers to photographer and equipment were a bit much. 

And so, we are reminded of the passing of time and changing of light when we see the same place completely differently in early summer.

This is a 'straight-out-of-camera' shot from a Nikon Df with a 70-200mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter; exposure time was around 4 seconds, so the most important piece of equipment is the tripod - a Manfrotto carbon fibre 440 series and 410 junior geared head.

Title for this one is simply: Moonrise over Sandycove Island and the Bulman Buoy, Kinsale. 



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