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Underwater Photography 

Underwater photography workshops with Oonasdivers, in the Red Sea. 2016 dates to be announced soon. See details of previous workshops HERE and directly from Oonasdivers HERE. See also recent Blog post.


Underwater Photography Essentials: INON UK accredited Level One Underwater Photography Course .

On this workshop, we work through getting the most from an entry level, compact camera and housing.

The course typically runs over a weekend with two diving days; the specific number of dives being dictated by the participants and conditions. The emphasis is hands-on, minimising theory and maximising practical skills to get you making better photographs quickly.

INON UK Level One Course Outline
Many divers want to take underwater photographs to record their diving experiences. Despite buying expensive underwater compact cameras, disappointing photographs of precious diving holidays are often all the diver returns with. Lot’s of  divers  find modern cameras overly complicated and photography jargon intimidating and feel outside their comfort zone. Many people also learn much more easily by seeing and doing than from books or magazine articles.
The INON UK Level One underwater photography course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare you to take great underwater photographs, consistently, in clear water. This is an entry – level underwater photography course. We believe it is the most comprehensive beginners course available and the only one approved by a leading underwater camera equipment manufacturer.
The INON UK Level One course was created for divers wanting to take better underwater photographs. It assumes no prior knowledge of land photography. The response to the INON UK Level One underwater photography course has been hugely positive from students and instructors alike. However it is always a good idea to discuss the course with your local INON UK instructor to see if there are any modifications they might feel are appropriate to your requirements. One of the great strengths of INON UK underwater photography instructors is that because INON UK instructors are highly experienced underwater photographers themselves they can often tailor personalised coaching to your needs.
The INON UK Level One underwater photography course covers both academics and practical skills. To take good underwater photographs that can be shown to friends, posted on your website or hung on your home or office wall, you need to understand some theory. The course was developed to make it easy to understand the reasons that divers have problems taking crisp, colourful underwater images and explain the solutions.  
Maximum group size is six participants.


Underwater Photography, using Advanced Compacts, Mirrorless and DSLR's, INON UK accredited Level Two Underwater Photography Course: Lighting Techniques and Lenses.

This is a practical weekend workshop for those who have spent time getting to know the basics and are comfortable taking control of their cameras, but want to grow their skills further. We meet on the Friday evening for introductions and a discussion on supplementary lens systems for both wide-angle and macro photography, and artificial lighting using flash units. You will have an opportunity to try this equipment yourself on this course, ideal if you are considering upgrading.
The course runs over two days and is very practical and hands-on, minimising theory and maximising practical skills to get you improving your photography quickly.

Maximum group size is six participants with three planned open water dives, one of which will be with the instructor,