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Thanks for stopping by. I am a creative photographer from Kinsale in Co. Cork, on Ireland's beautiful south coast and the beginning of the now popular 'Wild Atlantic Way'. My interest in photography began in my teen's alongside an appreciation of wild and unspoilt places through camping and just savouring special moments of light and time.

Though my college years, this developed further with the discovery of the underwater world through Dublin University Sub-Aqua Club in Trinity College Dublin. Here, I honed some diving and observation skills and made lifelong friends among the marine scientists in the Zoology department. From these early explorations of our coastal seas in the mid-1980's, I went on to begin photographing the world beneath the waves, eventually bringing these moments to the wider world through the publication of 'Cool Waters| Emerald Seas' (Atrium, 2006).

One of the great things about diving around Ireland's coasts is that it brings you to special places, just to launch a boat or don a dive suit. Savouring the light and moment of our landscape and seascape world has become constant in my life's journey.

Enjoy the images presented here and do get in contact if you would like to know more.