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Dive 2014 Bermingham - Show Report

October 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


It's been quite a few years since I've been to the UK's largest Dive Show in Bermingham. These shows are a great showcase of new and innovative products, up and coming dive destinations and are great to make new connections in the dive world.

I was really impressed by the Hollis Explorer Rebreather - a recreational unit that brings modern electronic controls to a fixed gas Nitrox unit. Having dived a Drager Dolphin for ten years or so, I could see the value in this unit as a modern version of a 40m rebreather.

Inon have a couple of wonderful new lenses for use with GoPro cameras underwater – I hope to test these soon on an upcoming workshop to Lanzarote. There were numerous offerings in the ever expanding LED lighting sector, from powerful wreck diving lights to soft beam, wide flood lights which are much better for photography and video.

There were many great presentations at each of the three stages; my personal favourites were those by Freediver Emma Farrell and Underwater crime scene invesigators Claire Gwinnett & Laura Walton-Williams. Many of the presentations were on experiences from different worldwide destinations, my personal favourite being that by Marine Scientist Charlotte Caffrey on Antarctica.

I was delighted to make a connection with Oonasdivers and plan to run a Red Sea workshop with them in 2015. Some lucky person won a dive trip for two to Papua New Guinea - I was hoping to get the call!!



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