Golden hours Kinsale

October 02, 2016  •  3 Comments

Fog at first light, Kinsale.Fog at first light, Kinsale.

Golden Hours Kinsale

We photographers often refer to the 'Golden Hour' - the hour or so of light just before sunset and sunrise. Long shadows and warm tones are its immediate attraction but as the sun sets or rises, it leaves part of the landscape bathed in cooler light and the juxtaposition of both warm and cold is unique. On a fine autumnal weekend when both the sunrise and sunset are at very civil hours, I set about trying to capture this idea from an evening to a dawn.


Dusk, Castlepark and Charlesfort, from Compass Hill.


Dawn, Long Quay, Kinsale.


First light in the sky, Scilly, Kinsale.


James Fort, picked out by the early morning sun. Kinsale.


Fog at first light, Kinsale.Fog at first light, Kinsale. A heavy fog lingers above the Duggan Bridge, while Compass Hill and the Pier are lit by the warm morning sun.


Once the sun has risen above the horizon, the warmth of the light dissipates and a bright, crisp Sunday morning is underway. Time for photographer's breakfast!


Annie Ashton(non-registered)
Astoundingly beautiful photographs, John! They make us miss Kinsale and all our friends there even more than we already do!
trevor patchett(non-registered)
Super set of shots John. A lot of planning but a great result.
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