Kinsale Community Hospital commission

July 07, 2017  •  2 Comments

Summer sea pinks at SandycoveSummer sea pinks at Sandycove Kinsale Community Hospital is a modern long-stay facility for Kinsale's older residents. The main hospital building has a long history, being over 200 years old but has been continuously developed over recent years and is now a bright, airy residential home to 40 people. During the recent phase of development, the Director of the hospital made contact with a view to incorporating Kinsale images in key areas of the hospital.

The first area we looked at was the main reception hall. The entrance to the hospital had recently been transformed into a modern, glass-walled doorway and this lead to the traditionally used hallway which is crossroads for residents, staff and visitors alike.

Kinsale Community Hospital, entrance.

Kinsale Community Hospital, main hallway.

The theme here was to bring elements of the town to the residents, to retain their sense of place and enjoy seeing Kinsale on a daily basis. After some discussion, we decided that the harbour area is one of the defining visual aspects that everybody relates to. A three piece set going from the inner harbour, marina and outer harbour has worked really well and has become a great talking point. All three images were from film originals in my archive of 30 years, which were scanned to high resolution, then printed and framed.

Kinsale Community Hospital, main entrance hallway.

The next area was the downstairs corridor, which has a nice entrance and foyer – for this we chose a seascape of Sandycove:

Summer sea pinks at Sandycove

Other areas were the main stairway, which had a small, square-shaped wall at the landing. Here, I used a fleeting moment of six swans in the inner harbour on a sunny evening at high tide.

Kinsale Community Hospital, first floor stairway landing. Kinsale Community Hospital, Six swans in Kinsale harbour. The staff room, where the hard-working nursing and support staff take their rest breaks has a panoramic canvas:

Harbour panorama, Kinsale And upstairs, in the long corridor, there is an aerial image of the Old Head of Kinsale, shot from a helicopter in the days before drones..

Old Head of Kinsale, from the air.

It has been a great privilege to work on these images and to hear back how much the residents enjoy them. I deliberately omitted captioning the year or dates that the photographs were made, as it is a great source of conversation to debate among the residents themselves, their families and indeed, the staff. The great thing about film originals is that even I cannot be sure as to the exact dates that these images were made! It was also an enjoyable project for me personally, as I have had a long association with the hospital, having been part-time pharmacist here in the early 1990's. It has been wonderful to see how this valuable resource has been so tastefully developed for the people of Kinsale.

JC July 2017.






Mary Nolan DoN.(non-registered)
Hi John, many thanks for your expertise in this project. What makes this project so special is that these photographs were chosen in collaboration with the residents within the hospital. It is their home and they wanted photographic memories from Kinsale.Many thanks for providing exactly what they asked for and creating focal points for discussion.
Lesley McCarthy(non-registered)
John your pieces brighten up my working day! They capture not only images but memories Thanks
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