Southern Blue – underwater at the Ling Rocks, Cork.

December 19, 2018  •  3 Comments

Southern Blue – underwater at the Ling Rocks, Kinsale.Olympus OMD EM1, 7-14mmF2.8Pro lens in Nauticam underwater housing. It is a great treat to scuba dive on offshore reefs, infrequently visited by divers. On those rare days when the sea is still, tides are right and the opportunity to dive presents itself – for Kinsale and Cork-based divers, the Ling Rocks beckon. These are a series of underwater peaks that rise to within 20 metres from the surface, from surrounding waters that are 50-60 metres deep. It is an adventure in itself to prepare for the 6-7 mile boat journey out and the area can only be found with the help of GPS navigator and echo sounder.

I think the video speaks for itself, and I hope it gives a sense of how divers will often have their eyes glaze over recalling dives here...


Mr Tony Tait(non-registered)
Wow fantastic colours water extremely clear visibility, shame that the quantity of fish are no longer resident on this fantastic reef. Would be great if was designated as a protected zone with no fishing whatsoever for the next 10 years giving it a chance to recover. But enjoyed your footage great quality.
Noel Fitzgerald(non-registered)
Beautiful John.
Meadbh Mac Sweeney(non-registered)
Gosh John that was a real treat thankyou. I haven’t dived the ling rocks in a few years and last with Maggie Gliksten. Thankyou so much for reawakening the sesnses and the memories. I’m stunned at the clarity and the light. I love the slowness of the ‘tour’ and how unperturbed the fish life were to you. Beautiful film. Meadbh
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