Meeting an Old Flame – the 1979 Pentax ME Super

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Photographers rarely forget their first 'real' camera. It's probably a tricky concept for those brought up in the digital era where cameras change so often. But in the late 1970's, in Ireland, SLR camera ownership was pretty low, I would reckon. I had shown interest in making photographs in my mid-teens and my first camera was an Agfa pocket model that took 110 format cartridge film. These made a small negative and could realistically only print to 5x7" at best.

Around that time, Pentax had a slogan 'Simply hold a Pentax', which tried to embody the tidy design that really does fall comfortably to hand, especially when compared to similar cameras from the same era. My early photographs from this camera, both black and white and colour, really introduced me to seeing the world through a lens and evokes fond memories.



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