Winter pinhole photography with Ondu 6x12 and Ilford Ortho 80 film

January 15, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


I had a chance to try out the recently released black and white film, Ilford Ortho 80, in my pinhole 6x12 camera. I really like both the camera, an Ondu 6x12 Multiformat Rise, which allows 6x6 square, 6x9 and panoramic 6x12 formats, and is a beautifully crafted wooden camera made by a small company in Slovenia.

The new Ilford film is also very nice, particularly for outdoor photography, where its ISO is rated at 80 – it is 40 for tungsten light. There is some reciprocity failure with the very long exposures associated with pinhole photography, so you will need to allow for this. The information on this is listed on the website.

There is, of course, some inevitable vignetting with the 6x12 format in a pinhole camera, but I rather like it...



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