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Transmarinus is an exploration of our evolving connection with the sea. We are comprised of ocean – we taste it in our tears. Yet we forget this innate connection which began in the nurturing sea of the womb.

Our Latin-speaking forebears viewed that which was not of this world as transmarinus – from beyond the sea. Life itself arose from the cosmic dust of space as the water molecule found a solar sweet spot to exist as a liquid on Earth. As we move towards the third decade, an urgency beckons: to understand, act and bring hope to those who will come after us; to awaken and turn human ingenuity towards protecting that which sustains us.

'For all at last return to the sea –
to Oceanus, the ocean river
Lik the ever-flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end.'

– Rachel Carson, Silent Spring.

Presented as a site-specific multimedia installation in Magic Vacation premises, Main Street, Kinsale, as part of Kinsale Arts Festival 2020.